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            Wednesday, April 20, 2011

            Recent Tokyo Food Pics

            My buddy Ryo is cool because he's as crazy as me. He takes pictures of many of the meals he eats. He's kind of cruel because he knows how much I love ramen, so he tempts me by constantly sending me ramen pics and tells me I have to eat this and eat that, even though he knows I'm an ocean away. I know.... I'll go soon. I must eat more ramen. Notice the last two pics? Soupless ramen? They call it abura-ramen, or oily or greasy ramen. I'd love to try it. Soon enough Ryo. I'll be there, soon enough.......thanks for the pics buddy.

            Wide Angle Lens Attachment for iPhone

            My buddy Ryo in Tokyo sends iPhone pics to me all the time. He bought a cool wideangle lens attachment for his iPhone. Check out what it can do.....

            Friday, April 15, 2011

            My Daily Ride

            It was a nice sunny day this morning after a week (or more) of solid rain, so the air was crisp and fresh, and the mountains looked beautiful with new snow.

            I dusted off my Fuji track bike and headed off to work. As I was approaching my bridge, I saw a picture moment. I just had to stop and take this picture, even though I was already running behind and I only had my iPhone with me.

            I dedicate this picture to my wife, as her mountain can be seen in the background, just behind the ugly red power pole. It's her local snowboard mountain. Good practice mountain.

            Saturday, April 2, 2011

            Warm Light

            I was over at my mom's place for dinner tonight and decided to use the washroom in her bedroom, as it is the most private one in the house, plus it is washlet equipped!

            As I walked in, I noticed how the room was so moody because of the way the curtains filtered the light coming in. It took me back to my childhood, as I remember my parents always had red curtains and their bedroom always had this theatrical moodiness to it.

            I captured just a hint of this feeling in this image I hope. iPhone pic, Hipstamatic, John S lens, Blanko film.